Avengers: Infinity War Chant TV Spot Released

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A new TV spot for Anthony and Joe Russo’s Avengers: Infinity War has so much new footage that it’s practically a new trailer. Although Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther is still breaking box office records, Marvel Studios is gearing up for their final marketing push for Avengers 3. After all, the blockbuster film – which sees the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes face off against the Mad Titan Thanos and his loyal Black Order for the Infinity Stones – is less than a month away.

Given that the film brings together characters from all corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is meant to be the culmination of the past decade of storytelling within the shared universe, there’s a lot for viewers to unpack and tons of stuff for the studio to tease. While much has been teased regarding where each character finds themselves in the film, there’s still quite a bit that the studio hasn’t shown. After all, with a movie like this, Marvel is doing all they can to prevent Infinity War spoilers from leaking, even going as far as to keep story details from their own cast and crew. But still, that doesn’t mean they can’t also show off a bit more of the movie to get fans excited for its upcoming release.

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Marvel Studios released a new, one-minute-long Avengers: Infinity War TV spot today titled “Chant,” which shows off tons of new footage. It also expands on scenes that have been teased before, but this time with actual dialogue to go along with it. You can watch the new promo in the section above.

Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes in Avengers Infinity War TV Spot New Avengers: Infinity War TV Spot Reunites Bucky & Steve Rogers

The new promo starts off with scenes already shown in previous trailers and TV spots, with all the new footage playing after Tony Stark says that it’s time to get some help (presumably meaning the Guardians?). And it becomes clear shortly thereafter why the promo is titled “Chant,” with Black Panther and his Wakandan army (including M’Baku) chanting together as they prepare for an impending alien invasion.

Interestingly, while it’s not easily seen in the above YouTube video, the Twitter version of the trailer offers a glimpse at the Infinity Gauntlet (at about the 0:24 mark) when Thanos arrives in Wakanda, thus showing that he might have four Infinity Stones in this film – the question is, which ones? It’s clear that he already has the Space Stone and Power Stone, and it appears that he also gets the Reality Stone from The Collector – but what about that fourth one? It could either be the Mind Stone (which Vision has) or the mysterious Soul Stone. Given that Vision takes shelter in Wakanda, it’s possible that Thanos obtains the Soul Stone at some point in the film and comes to collect the Mind Stone in the end. Otherwise, why go to Wakanda?

Furthermore, the new promo ends with some comic relief from Okoye, who says that she didn’t imagine an alien invasion when T’Challa decided to open Wakanda’s borders. Instead, she thought they’d host the Olympics… or at least get a Starbucks. While there’s no time for that in Avengers: Infinity War, that doesn’t mean Okoye still can’t get what she wants in a Black Panther sequel.

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