Avengers: Infinity War – Sideshow Reveals Black Widow Figure

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Sideshow Collectibles has provided fans with the best look yet at Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow costume and weapons in Avengers: Infinity War. The official distributor of Hot Toys recently revealed a new figure for the Avenger, who has her own solo movie in the works at the moment. As fans would expect, Johansson’s Black Widow has been prominently featured in Infinity War‘s marketing thus far, but not too much is known about her new costume.

The character has also been revealed to have some striking changes to her appearance, most notably her switch from red to blonde hair. But her entire costume will be a slight departure from what audiences saw in Captain America: Civil War – her last appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Black Widow’s new Infinity War look is expected to reflect changes in the character from when she was last seen. While the movie is still a few weeks away, fans can get their best look yet at Black Widow’s costume.

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As revealed via Sideshow, the Infinity War version of Black Widow looks a little more “vigilante” than hero. There’s no red Black Widow emblem on the front of her suit as in her Civil War costume. Her dark green tactical vest and boots give her a more militaristic look than usual. However, her weapons look as advanced as ever, with a pair of disk shooters presumably used to fire taser disks – and she still has her Widow’s Bite bracelet as well. The collectible (below) is expected to release sometime between October and December 2018 and be priced at $220.

In addition to the disk shooter weapons, the new Black Widow figure comes with new batons. She can be posed with either one large baton or two smaller ones. The figure comes with four interchangeable pairs of hands in all, a backpack accessory, over 28 points of articulation, and of course, a detailed likeness of Johansson as Black Widow, complete with her new blonde hair-do. As expected, it’s a much more detailed likeness of the character than the previously revealed Marvel Legends figure, which also gave a sneak preview of Black Widow’s costume.

Johansson said in her set interview with Screen Rant that both Black Widow and Captain America have become “more hardened” in the time between Civil War and the start of Infinity War, and that they’re both “wary of what they’re up against” with Thanos’ threat to the universe. Black Widow certainly appears to be a darker, more cynical version of the character than what viewers are used to seeing, based on Infinity War previews.

Her interview with Screen Rant also addressed the new hair color, which she simply described as “a little wink and nod to the other widows’ kind of story that has been burned out.” The military-style tactical uniform is evidence enough of the toll that ongoing conflicts are beginning to have on Black Widow, as well as how grim her outlook is slowly becoming. But it also means that she should be more prepared than ever to fight for her life… and for the universe.

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Source: Sideshow

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