Batman V Superman Flash Is From Knightmare Timeline

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Zack Snyder continues to peel back the layers of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, this time focusing on Flash’s Knightmare sequence. Sndyer’s time in the DCEU may now be done, but that doesn’t mean the analysis of his work in this universe is. He’s developed a very passionate fanbase over the years, something that is always on display when it comes to discussing Man of SteelBvS, or even Snyder’s original plans for Justice League Part 1 & 2.

Now over two years after it hit theaters, BvS continues to be a topic of discussion, largely thanks to Snyder opening up – such as why Batman created a Kryptonite spear. With the use of Vero, Snyder’s been very interactive with fans of late. After discussing a number of topics, he’s back to tease Flash’s role.

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The latest response of Snyder’s to generate discussion comes in response to Ezra Miller’s cameo in BvS as Flash. It comes immediately following the four-minute “Knightmare sequence,” where Flash shows up and then warns Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) of the future to come. The scene was a major topic when the film was released as many found it confusing. Snyder’s now confirmed that this version of Flash is indeed from the Knightmare timeline.

VERO: Zack on Knightmare Flash from DC_Cinematic

While Snyder’s response is rather unusual, the DC_Cinematic Reddit community chimed in to expand upon what Snyder is trying to get across. Redditors angrygnome18d and dem0sthene5 added in how Snyder is pulling from the works of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. The first line of Snyder’s post is a quote from Nietzsche’s “The Parable of the Madman,” and is assumed to be a metaphor for Clark’s connection to Lois. If the Earth did lose the sun it would die, possibly making Clark the Earth and Lois the sun (or even his light). There’s a number of possible interpretations that are laid out in the Reddit threat. Flash’s line about being too early is another reference to Nietzsche’s work.

Ultimately what Snyder is trying to get across with this scene (and post) is that the Flash from the Knightmare timeline saw Superman “die” when he lost sense of who he was and what he stood for following the death of Lois. This is made clear during the scene when Superman says, “She was my world, and you took her from me,” implying that Batman is somewhat responsible for her death. Snyder previously confirmed that Superman is indeed evil in this sequence too, and being susceptible to the Anti-Life Equation that could’ve been a big part of Justice League 2.

The more Snyder discusses the meanings behind different parts of BvS or teases his original plans for both Justice League movies, the clearer it becomes he had a grand vision in place. It’s certainly debatable whether or not it was executed perfectly. The very need to explain some of these intentions will sit differently with everyone, as some see it as the genius of Snyder’s work, while others interpret it as Snyder not making it clear enough in the actual movie what he wanted viewers to take away. Since we’ll never actually get to see what Snyder wanted to do in future films and if he would successfully pull together the big picture, this is surely not the last insight Snyder shares on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Source: Zack Snyder [via Reddit]

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