DC May Be Planning The Highwaymen Comic Book Movie

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DC Comics may be planning a movie version of The Highwaymen, a 2007 limited comic book series about a pair of hard bitten delivery men. DC in recent days has dominated headlines as a whole slew of new projects have come to light and/or received updates. Among the many announcements, none received more buzz than news that Steven Spielberg will produce, and possibly direct, a film version of the World War II-set comic book Blackhawk. Once upon a time Spielberg turned a cold shoulder to comic book movies, but apparently the venerable director has experienced a change of heart.

In addition to working on Blackhawk with Spielberg, Warner Bros. also has revealed plans for Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn to return in a Birds of Prey movie to be directed by Cathy Yan. Birds of Prey will have a script by Christina Hodson, who is also working on Batgirl after the departure of Joss Whedon. And just last week Dwayne Johnson offered an update on Black Adam, saying the film should go before cameras in early 2019. And that’s not even mentioning all the huge DCEU movies still upcoming, from Aquaman and Shazam! to Wonder Woman 2.

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In addition to the major titles mentioned above, DC also has some lesser-known works in the pipeline as they further stack their upcoming film slate with projects. As reported by That Hashtag Show, DC is currently seeking writers to work on a movie version of the 2007 limited series The Highwaymen being set up at New Line. Highwaymen comic book creators Adam Freeman and Marc Bernardin both took to Twitter to express their delight at the news.

The Highwaymen spins the tale of Able “Speed” Monroe and Alistair McQueen. Once upon a time they were elite deliverymen with a special knack for handling hazardous cargo, but now they’re both over the hill and separated by bad blood. As happens in such stories, the retired pair are reluctantly called back into action. Just from the basic plot description, it’s easy to see why a studio would have interest in the property as a possible buddy action movie.

Unlike the majority of DC-related projects in the pipeline, The Highwaymen can’t even remotely be described as a superhero movie. The roles of Able Monroe and Alistair McQueen might be perfect for a pair of older movie stars who can bring the right world-weariness while still being able to kick some butt in a more traditional down-and-dirty action movie sense. One can almost envision The Highwaymen as an old school ’70s Burt Reynolds sort of vehicle, filled with lots of burning rubber and swagger. But with comic book movie touches, of course.

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Source: ThatHashtagShow

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