Infinity War Clip: Spider-Man Swings Into Action

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A new Avengers: Infinity War clip shows Peter Parker jumping into action following the appearance of Thanos’ Q-ship in New York. With just three weeks before its release, Disney and Marvel Studios ramps up the promotion for the much-anticipated flick with a slew of talk show appearance by the cast members, as well as the release of several TV spots. Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, the 19th film installment in the MCU promises a cinematic event like no others as all heroes from the franchise gather in preparation for the official introduction of Mad Titan Thanos.

After the events of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter is ready to take on a bigger challenge and step-up from his street-level operations in Infinity War. While he initially turned down the opportunity to become an official Avenger, he won’t have much choice but to suit up as one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as he joins the fight against Thanos. Little does he know that what lies ahead is far more dangerous and terrifying than anything he has seen in his life. And a new Avengers 3 clip offers fans a look at how he gets roped into this new adventure.

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Tom Holland dropped by The Graham Norton Show (via CrazyPlayA Reborn) as part of doing the press rounds for Infinity War, and he debuted a new clip from the film featuring Peter Parker’s transformation to Spider-Man in the movie. The footage is the full cut of the one snippet in the trailers where we see the high schooler’s Spidey-sense kicking in after Thanos’ Q-Ship appears floating above Greenwich Village in New York. Apparently, Ned Leeds stirs up some drama to distract their classmates, giving his best pal time and space to sneak out and suit up as the wall-crawling superhero. Although it’s intriguing that Ned’s hilarious scheme would be enough for everyone on the bus to panic like in the footage.

Spider Man in Avengers Infinity War Avengers Infinity War Clip: Watch Spider Man Swing Into Action

Piecing together what we’ve seen in this preview and previously released snippets of Infinity War, it’s safe to say Peter Parker still doesn’t know much about the imminent threat arriving, leading him to investigate the Q-Ship alone until he finds himself trapped in the vessel floating too high from the ground for him to disembark. This prompts Tony Stark to launch into space and hopefully assist him. Noticeably, he’s still also sporting his first upgraded suit from his mentor, which means that we’ll see him eventually put on the Iron-Spider suit at one point in the movie.

If anything, the clip reiterates how unexpected  Thanos’ (or his forces) descent to Earth is, since Peter seems to be going about his usual day before he literally gets to travel to a brand new planet with Doctor Strange and Iron Man as they investigate the galactic villain. The Russos previously shared that throughout the movie, the Avengers are playing catch up on the Mad Titan, who seems to have his plans locked regarding how he’ll go about collecting all six Infinity Stones. Given Stark and Steve Rogers are still not on speaking terms following their Captain America: Civil War conflict, it’s curious if there’s at least some form of communication among the mini-team in Avengers: Infinity War to increase their chances of winning against their biggest adversary yet.

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Source: Graham Norton Show (via CrazyPlayA Reborn/Youtube)

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