Infinity War Gets a Dead Pool in Parody Video

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A new video from parody channel How It Should Have Ended gives Thanos a worthy send off, as he makes way to do battle in Avengers: Infinity War. The discussion of the fight to come inspires Thanos’ fellow villains to set up a dead pool for the heroes he will be facing… and foreshadows the unwanted arrival of Deadpool himself.

First established in 2007, How It Should Have Ended has created numerous award-winning animated parodies of many recent blockbusters as well as several classic films, all suggesting alternative endings that are much more logical than what we saw in the original film. Their parody of Superman: The Movie – which ended with Superman and Batman talking shop while enjoying a cup of coffee – led to an original series called Super Cafe, based around Superman and Batman talking with other heroes about their adventures. This, in turn, led to a spin-off called The Villain Pub, centered around a tavern for bad guys run by Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, where (in a nod to the theme song from Cheers) “everybody hates your face.”

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The new video released by How it Should Have Ended, which can be viewed above, depicts the regulars of The Villain Pub – as well as the other villains of all the movies set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date – throwing a party and wishing Thanos well in his efforts to destroy as many heroes as possible. It’s a heartfelt send-off given that the series depicted Thanos as having been working as the bar’s janitor while waiting for his shot at the big time.

How It Should Have Ended Villains Pub Avengers Infininty War Infinity War Gets a Dead Pool in How It Should Have Ended Parody

This leads to the aforementioned dead pool and hilarity ensuing. Oddly enough The Joker, who you think would be the first to bet on a high body count, places all of his chips on “Zero”, pointing out that the good guys always win in Marvel movies. When Joker is reminded of Quicksilver and Yondu, he still insists that, “the majority get away. A lot.”

Some of the villains don’t quite grasp the concept of the dead pool. Red Skull, for instance, puts himself down for three votes for Captain America because he wants to see him die three times! Apocalypse places all of his money on Wolverine, despite being informed that the X-Men aren’t going to show up.

It turns out the villains aren’t immune to fan theories either, with Joker changing his mind and putting all his money on Loki seeming to die but then faking his death so that he can kill Thanos. For his part, Palpatine bets on everyone but Ant-Man dying, spinning a complex theory that ties into the set-up for Captain Marvel. While none of this will likely come to pass, this video still offers a welcome moment of hilarity as the wait for Avengers: Infinity War continues.

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Source: How It Should Have Ended

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