Infinity War RealD3D Poster Leaves Out Thanos

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The Avengers gather together in a new poster for Avengers: Infinity War, but it doesn’t feature Thanos aka. the very threat that unite them in the film. Marvel Studios is attempting to pull off their most ambitious crossover yet, and we’ll know soon enough whether or not they successfully did it. Infinity War will bring together characters from all across the Marvel Cinematic Universe to battle Thanos (Josh Brolin). The threat of the Mad Titan has been teased since The Avengers‘ mid-credits scene, but now is the time he’ll finally step into the spotlight.

The very nature of Infinity War made the marketing campaign pretty easy for Marvel Studios. Their two biggest goals appear to be showing the threat of Thanos and teasing audiences with the first-time interactions between key MCU characters in the film. However, the latest piece of Infinity War marketing only focuses on the heroes part of the equation.

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Marvel shared a brand new RealD3D poster for Avengers: Infinity War today that surprisingly leaves out Thanos. This is one of the only pieces of marketing to not feature, or at least tease, the presence of the Mad Titan. Instead, we get all of the heroes together, once again being color-coded in accordance with the respective Infinity Stones. RealD3D further released an English-language version of the previously-released Japanese Infinity War poster, which you can also check out below.

Avengers Infinity War RealD3D poster Avengers: Infinity War RealD3D Poster Leaves Out Thanos
Avengers Infinity War RealD3D Poster Avengers: Infinity War RealD3D Poster Leaves Out Thanos

These are just the latest stylish posters to hit the Web for Avengers: Infinity War, and they are surely not going to be the last. While the second poster is the same as the Japanese version only with different text and logos, the first one is entirely new. The grouping of the heroes falls in line with most of the previous marketing too, although the yellow hues for Scarlet Witch and Vision are not as obvious here. They instead are closer to orange (the color of the Soul Stone), so maybe they’re also somehow linked to the sixth and final Infinity Stone too.

As the countdown for Infinity War continues to dwindle, fans can expect more posters and TV spots to come out as Marvel keeps their foot on the gas. With no press screenings before the world premiere, Marvel’s vacating their normal review hype in order to preserve spoilers. This means they have to rely on more traditional marketing tactics to keep interest high and continue the conversation around the film. Even if the movie is projected to open big, Marvel wants to get as much out of their biggest blockbuster as possible. More new marketing materials is the best way for them to do that, and then it will be down to reviews and (hopefully) great word of mouth to keep Infinity War‘s buzz high.

Source: RealD3D

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