Justice League Gets the How it Should Have Ended Treatment

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Warner Bros.’ first superhero ensemble flick Justice League gets a How It Should’ve Ended parody video.

Months after its theatrical release, DC Films’ last project remains a hot topic for comic book fans. Considering its troubled production that involved rumors of script re-writes even before it started filming, last minute director switch from Zack Snyder to Joss Whedon, extensive reshoots and too much studio meddling, there’s just so much to unpack about the movie, even outside its narrative. With that, Justice League is also a popular subject for spoof videos including this latest one.

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Coming from How It Should’ve Ended’s YouTube channel is another installment of their popular video series, this time, devoted to Justice League. As always, the creative team behind the popular parody hub offers a few ways that the film could’ve wrapped up, as well as some other scenarios from the film that could’ve panned out different from how it did on the big screen, such as the appearance of the Teen Titan members when Diana was cajoling Cyborg to trust them and join the League. But of course, no Justice League spoof material is complete without a jab at Superman’s terrible CGI-ed upper lip in the movie. Check out the hilarious bit above.

DC Trinity Batman Superman Wonder Woman in Justice League Justice League Gets the How it Should Have Ended Treatment

Considering Justice League premiered theatrically in November 2017 (and has been out on home media for a while), some may find its How It Should’ve Ended parody a little late. Nonetheless, it was worth the wait, especially with Batman and Superman being the foundational characters of video series. What’s curious to know is if future installments for DC Films will continue to feature the appearance of Mighty Martha as their version of big bad. Even the Caped Crusader admits that he’s tired of being haunted by the antagonist, which is the personification in that one controversial scene in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

While the clip is more lighthearted in taking jabs at Justice League, what went down behind the movie’s scenes are more serious. Following months of speculations and reports regarding the controversies that surrounded the film’s production, director Zack Snyder has started opening up on his experience working on the film, as well as his long-term vision for the DCEU including planting plot seeds in early films that were supposedly getting payoffs in future films. Unfortunately, since the filmmaker is no longer involved with the franchise, safe to say that those concepts will never get to fruition.

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Source: How It Should’ve Ended/YouTube

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