Kevin Feige Loves Deadpool 2’s MCU & DCEU Jokes

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Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is a fan of Deadpool 2‘s MCU and DCEU jokes. More popular than ever now after 2016’s Deadpool solo movie, Wade Wilson is a fan-favorite in no small part thanks to his unfiltered humor. With Deadpool 2 less than a month away now, Fox is taking advantage of the character’s ability to break the fourth wall in particular, to market its comic book movie sequel.

Deadpool 2 will mark the big screen debut of both Cable (Josh Brolin, who is also Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War) and the X-Force. Directed by David Leitch (who took over from original Deadpool helmer Tim Miller following his departure over creative differences) and scripted by Deadpool writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (with star Ryan Reynolds also credited as a cowriter), the Deadpool sequel finds Cable hunting a mysterious mutant played by Julian Dennison, whom Wade Wilson decides to protect with a little help from his new X-friends.

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Speaking to Cinema Blend while promoting Infinity War, Feige was asked for his thoughts on Deadpool poking fun at the MCU and DCEU in Deadpool 2‘s marketing. Like everyone else, Feige digs the funny references and says he’s happy that Reynolds’ post-X-Men Origins: Wolverine version of the character is so faithful to Deadpool from the comic books:

“I thought it was very funny. I think that’s one of the great things about Deadpool, both in the comics and what Ryan has done with him in the movies, is you can break the fourth wall. They mention DC in the new trailer! They can get away with that, and it’s great. That was the only way to have done it, from the comics in the movies, and it’s great that they did. Versus earlier incarnations of Deadpool in earlier X-Men movies…”

Deadpool 2 Thanos reference Kevin Feige Thinks Deadpool 2s MCU & DCEU Jokes Are Great

Since Feige already approves of the work that Reynolds and his team have put into Deadpool, he was also asked about his thoughts on the possibility of the Merc With A Mouth eventually rubbing elbows with the Avengers. Reynolds has previously expressed his interest in a Deadpool and Avengers crossover, saying that it would be a blast. Feige, however, says he doesn’t want to jump to conclusions yet, seeing as the Disney/Fox deal won’t be finalized until summer 2019 (assuming that it doesn’t fall apart before then):

“I mean, look – I can get excited about a lot of things. In this case in particular, there’s no deal until they say there’s a deal, so I’m not thinking about any of it, honestly, any more than I ever have, which is to say, of course, I would always think about it because I can’t help it. But not specifically, and between our premiere tomorrow night, Ant-Man & The Wasp finishing its cut, Captain Marvel filming, Spider-Man about to start filming, and us about to seriously getting in the cutting room on Avengers 4, there’s a lot to do.”

It’s still not clear what will happen to the Deadpool franchise, should Marvel Studios ultimately get the X-Men movie rights back as planned. Disney CEO Bob Iger has said that the Mouse House intends to keep making Deadpool sequels once that happens, and understandably so given how popular the IP is. That said, if the Disney/Fox deal winds up being drawn out (like the long-delayed AT&T/Time Warner deal) or eventually falls apart, both Fox and Marvel Studios are prepared to carry on with their comic book franchises as planned. Either way, fans can look forward to many more MCU and/or DCEU jokes from The Merc With a Mouth in the years ahead.

Source: Cinema Blend

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