Loki Returns in Avengers 4 Flashback Set Photos

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Loki is back in even more set photos from Untitled Avengers, which continue to tease some sort of flashback to the end of The Avengers. Production is currently underway on Marvel Studios’ fourth Avengers film and despite Avengers: Infinity War being touted as the big culmination, it will actually be the mysteriously untitled fourth movie that gets that honor. The levels of secrecy surrounding Avengers 4 have yet to be totally unveiled, but pieces of the story are starting to come out, especially when it comes to one scene in particular.

The last several hours have brought a plethora of set photos from the movie, all of which continue to point to a scene flashing back to The Avengers. This all began with Robert Downey Jr. being spotted in a classic Avengers t-shirt and trying to calm down what appeared to be a still angry Hulk after the battle of New York. Then, photos of Chris Hemsworth sporting Thor’s long hair look he’s ditched for Thor: Ragnarok and beyond appeared.

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Included in those photos looked to be a stand-in for Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. Thanks to even more set photos courtesy of Just Jared, we can now see Hiddleston on the set, recreating the ending to The Avengers. He’s shown here just as he was back in 2012 with cuffs around his wrists and a muzzle around his face. This confirmation only continues to add credence to theories of this scene being a flashback to The Avengers.

Loki Scepter Tony Stark The Avengers Avengers 4 Loki Set Photos Further Hint At Flashback Scene

Early speculation for the initial photos raised the idea of this being an alternate reality (possibly created by Thanos) in the aftermath of Infinity War. The growing case of evidence continues to point less in that direction considering the events of the film still look to play out in the same way. Instead, the flashback may be used to fill in any gaps to The Avengers‘ ending, or even be used in Stark’s latest demonstration of his Binary Augmented Reality Framing technology he debuted in Captain America: Civil War as some other set photos have indicated.

Fans will still have quite some time to wait before figuring out what exactly is going on here and the purpose it serves the larger story. However, this is potentially a neat aspect of the film for the actors themselves. Ruffalo, Downey Jr., Hiddleston, Hemsworth, and whoever else is involved with this scene have all given years of their lives to these roles, and have the success of The Avengers to thank for that. The potential meanings of this scene aside, it is probably a fun moment for them to each step back into their characters and reenact a scene from so long ago, but now doing it with all the added knowledge and memories of what came after.

Source: Just Jared

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