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The latest Titans breakdowns may reveal that characters like Roy Harper and Brother Blood will be part of the live-action DC TV series. Titans spent years in development over at TNT, before the network ultimately decided to pass on the prospective superhero television series in 2016. The project stayed dormant for more than a year thereafter, until DC announced plans for its own digital streaming service – one that would kick-off with a resurrected version of Titans, as well as the long-awaited Young Justice season 3 (aka. Young Justice: Outsiders).

Titans has now assembled the majority of its main recurring cast, including; Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson, Anna Diop as Starfire, Teagan Croft as Raven, Minka Kelly as Dove, Alan Ritchson as Hawk, and Ryan Potter as Beast Boy. There are, of course, other characters from the world of DC Comics that could show up as “guest stars” during Titans season 1, setting them up to play a larger role or even become a member of the main cast at some point in the future. The latest character breakdowns revealed for the series may include one or more such players among them.

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THS previously uncovered the character breakdowns for Hawk and Dove on Titans and even reported Ritchson’s potential involvement, well ahead of his official casting. The site has now gotten ahold of four more character descriptions for the series, which you can read through below:

[DANIEL CROSS]Male, 17-19, Caucasian. Athletic, street smart, cocky, yet charming. His life is changed forever when he crosses a crime fighter and is given a new outlet for his rebellious ways. RECURRING GUEST STAR.

[JENNIFER ANDREWS]Female, 20s/30s, Caucasian. Small town, Midwestern girl gone to Hollywood, Jennifer is a star on the rise. She comes across a doe-eyed, All-American and naive in her approach to her art, and life. Jennifer emulates the classic girl-next-door actors from the 1940s and 50s. A bit Stepford-y in her thinking and appearance, Jennifer feels like a woman out of time. RECURRING GUEST STAR.

[CAROLINE]Female, 40s, Caucasian. Forever sleepless with worry, she’s the mother to a young, troubled teen. Seeking a recognizable cameo face or name. GUEST STAR.

[THE MESSENGER]Male, 50s-60s, Open ethnicity. Outwardly a warm and kind presence, he doesn’t seem the type to be powerful or malicious. But he has the ability to turn on a dime and be the most terrifying man you have ever met. Seeking offer only names/recognizable faces…RECURRING GUEST STAR.

Roy Harper Arsenal More Titans TV Show Characters Potentially Revealed

As noted in THS‘s report, the descriptions for “Daniel Cross” and “Jennifer Andrews” suggest that these breakdowns are actually for Titans‘ versions of Roy Harper and Rita Farr (aka. Elasti-Girl), respectively. Both superheroes have frequently appeared in Titans comic books over the years and are no strangers to the world of DC TV either, having also shown up in Cartoon Network’s animated Teen Titans TV show and The CW’s Arrow, among other small screen properties. Because DC’s live-action movies and TV shows do not necessarily take place within the same continuity (with exceptions, like the Arrowverse’s TV shows), there’s no reason why there cannot be two modern live-action versions of Roy Harper on television right now.

Likewise, THS speculates that “The Messenger” could refer to Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood, another character who has appeared on Arrow in the past. Since Titans will be made streaming through a different platform altogether than The CW’s Arrowverse series, having multiple versions of both Brother Blood and Roy Harper shouldn’t prove all that confusing to those following closer at home. Brother Blood also seems like someone who could wind up working for Titans‘ reported big bad, aka. Acolyte.

As for “Caroline”, the best guess right now is Angela Roth, aka. Raven’s mother. This would also explain why the Titans TV series is seeking a “recognizable cameo face” for the role, similar to how other modern DC TV series have cast famous names in supporting roles (see, for one example, 1970s Wonder Woman TV show star Lynda Carter’s role on Supergirl as the secretly-extraterrestrial president of the United States). Expect to learn more on this front soon, once filming on the Titans pilot episode has gotten fully underway.

Titans premieres on DC’s digital service in 2018.

Source: THS

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