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Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine

Nobody Baby But You And Me Dec. 27, 2010 112 Min.
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Movie Plot :

In Blue Valentine, Throughout the film, the present timeline is intercut with the story of how Dean and Cindy became involved.

Dean is a young high school dropout, working for a moving company in Brooklyn. Cindy is a pre-med student living with her constantly fighting parents and also caring for her grandmother in Pennsylvania. Cindy and Dean meet at Cindy’s grandmother’s nursing home while Dean is delivering a new resident’s furniture and they begin dating afterwards.

Cindy discovers she is pregnant, and tells Dean that the baby is most likely not his, as her ex-boyfriend Bobby didn’t use protection during intercourse. Dean asks Cindy whether or not she wants to keep the baby. At an abortion clinic, Cindy decides at the last moment to cancel the procedure, and on a bus ride home, Dean tells her he doesn’t mind if the child is not his, and that he wants to begin a family with her. Before the wedding, Bobby finds out about Dean and beats him up.

Five years later, the couple lives in rural Pennsylvania with their daughter Frankie. Dean works at painting houses while Cindy is a nurse at a clinic. One evening, Dean insists on taking Cindy out for a romantic getaway at a motel so they can have some time off from their preoccupied lives, much to Cindy’s reluctance.

While buying wine in a liquor store, Cindy sees Bobby, who asks Cindy if she has ever cheated on her husband. She hesitates, but eventually says no. In the car, Cindy and Dean get into an argument when she mentions seeing Bobby again. At the motel, they continue fighting during sex. Cindy is called away early in the morning to work at the clinic, and she leaves a note for Dean. At the clinic, Cindy’s boss, Dr. Feinberg, talks to her about a position he had offered her, and asks if she would move closer to work, suggesting that they would be able to spend time together on weekends. Visibly upset, Cindy says she previously thought he was offering her the position because she was good at her job.

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Original title Blue Valentine
TMDb Rating 6.9 1080 votes

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