NBC Executive Says A Friends Revival Will Never Happen

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There’s never going to be a reboot or revival of Friends on NBC. Network TV is a competitive field where ratings are king. Just like how Hollywood’s recently become obsessed with reboots and remakes of beloved films, TV is heading in the same direction. There’ve been plenty of hits by adapting this strategy, but it’s likely only to become an even bigger focus now. ABC just launched their revival of Roseanne and drew in massive ratings that prompted the network to quickly renew the show for a bigger season 2.

NBC is no stranger to revivals either. They brought back Will & Grace last year to strong reviews and ratings. There’s since been talk of The Office and 30 Rock getting revivals, though it’s The Office that reportedly has a 2018 launch in mind. But, anyone holding out hope for Friends to return to their televisions can stop.

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THR spoke to NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt at the 12th annual Power Lawyers breakfast recently and asked him about NBC’s plans for reboots. When asked if people will ever get to see what the cast of characters from Friends is up to now, Greenblatt definitively told THR that a Friends revival will never happen.

Friends intro couch NBC Executive Says A Friends Revival Will Never Happen

Things could obviously change down the road, but it’s never looked great for Friends to return. Matthew Perry is against the idea, and if Chandler Bing isn’t going to be involved, that makes it incredibly difficult to make a true revival. That said, if NBC was ever able to come up with an idea that got Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, and David Schwimmer back, would Perry really still hold this back? Aniston would likely be the toughest star to get back as she’s still very busy.

Regardless of just how difficult making a revival happen could be, it’s still an odd move to completely rule out a return of Friends. Such a return would undoubtedly be a huge draw for NBC, making it a smart business move if they could pull it off. But considering how the series was able to wrap up Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe’s stories so well, this decision could be what’s best. Fans of the show who are interested in seeing it return surely won’t be too pleased by this statement though. After all, who doesn’t want to know if Ross and Rachel actually made things work? Unfortunately, it appears that and any other lingering questions from Friends will never be explored.

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Source: THR

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