Supergirl: Mon-El Gets His Red Comic Book Suit

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Mon-El debuts his red comic book costume in brand new promotional photos for Supergirl season 3, episode 15 “In Search of Lost Time.” It’s been a long while since The CW series rolled out new episodes, but it looks like the folks behind the show are making amends in several ways, including by giving the Daxamite prince a makeover that results in him having color-coordinated suits with the Girl of Steel herself.

With several episodes left before Supergirl officially wraps up its third season, Kara and her team are gearing up for an intense battle against the Worldkillers. So far, the identity of two of the members of the villainous trio has been revealed: Reign (Odette Annable) and Purity (Krys Marshall). However, their final cohort is still waiting to be debuted. Rumor has it that Angela Zhou’s upcoming character, Dr. Grace Parker, could be the last piece of the puzzle. But as fans wait, The CW has dropped some official stills from an upcoming episode, including Mon-El looking regal in his new suit.

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New promo photos from the episode “In Search of Lost Time” of Supergirl have been revealed offering fans their first look at Mon-El’s new nifty ensemble similar to the one he wears on the pages of the comics. The suit has a darker red tone to it and blue panels to the side running down to his lower body. It also opts for a rectangular gold attachment of the cape compared to the more iconic oversized button look. Other than those differences, the design looks like a mix of several designs of the costume from the comics. However, this has a more streamlined aesthetic that looks better than his initial Legion of Super-Heroes get-up, which was generic looking, and unfit for an alien warrior who’s just traveled through time and space.

Supergirl In Search of Lost Time Mon El Costume Supergirl Photos: Mon El Gets His Red Comic Book Suit
Supergirl In Search of Lost Time Mon El Supergirl Photos: Mon El Gets His Red Comic Book Suit
Supergirl In Search of Lost Time Kara Mon El Supergirl Photos: Mon El Gets His Red Comic Book Suit

Based on the episode’s brief synopsis, it seems like Mon-El will be imparting his knowledge “in fighting techniques he’s learned in the future for battling Worldkillers.” Unfortunately, looking closer at one of the stills, it seems like their training session isn’t as smooth sailing as both of them would’ve wanted. The bickering isn’t something new, considering how they started their relationship, and it’s curious whether them spending more time together will lead to something more moving forward.

Fans, however, will have to wait a little while longer to see him sport his red suit as the episode won’t air until April 23rd. Despite this, Supergirl has a brand new episode next week, marking the show’s return from its nine-week hiatus. During the hiatus, The CW slotted DC’s Legends of Tomorrow to take over its usual Monday night slot to wrap up the time-traveling show’s season. It was an unusual move and many weren’t thrilled when it was first announced, but now that the wait is almost over, loyal viewers are on the edge of their seats looking out for the return of the Girl of Steel and her crew on the small screen.

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Supergirl will return on Monday, April 16 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

Source: The CW

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