Supergirl Season 3 Trailer Teases the Toyman’s Return

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When Supergirl returns from its lengthy hiatus Kara will not be fighting Reign, but an army of flying (mechanical) monkeys. The fourteenth episode of Supergirl season 3, “Schott Through the Heart” will be take a break from the dramatic Reign saga. The alien villain, who is secretly one of Kara’s best friends, will still be lurking the background. Instead, as the episode name suggests, Supergirl will put the focus on one of its supporting characters, Winn Schott.

The episode will be more than just a return to air for Supergirl. The show is also bringing back Winn’s father aka. the villainous Toyman – though Winslow Schott Sr. will be reappearing six feet under ground. Evidently, since his first and only appearance in season 1, the elder Schott has died. Winn and the rest of Team Supergirl will attend his funeral in “Schott Through the Heart”, only for all manner of hell to break loose.

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The Toyman is aiming to have the last laugh, post humorously. Released by The CW, the trailer for the midseason return makes clear, The Toyman has rigged his own casket to blow up at his funeral. Presumably, it’s done in an effort to kill anyone in attendance. Obviously the Toyman’s efforts go unfulfilled, as Supergirl isn’t going to kill off most of its cast due to the actions of a very minor villain. Evidently though, the explosive casket aren’t the only trick the Toyman has to play.

The big Supergirl return will also introduce a new member of the Schott Family. Winn’s mother, Mary (Laurie Metcalf), will arrive. In the trailer, the Roseanne star explains that she abandoned her son Winn, because The Toyman threatened both of their lives. Finally reunited, Mary and Winn will work together to take down The Toyman’s final plot, which includes a Wizard of Oz homage with murderous flying monkeys. At least, that’s what the trailer for “Schott Through the Heart” leads viewers to believe.

Laurie Metcaff as Mary Schott and Jeremy Jordan as Winn Schott in Supergirl Supergirl Season 3 Return Trailer Teases the Toymans Final Prank

The other implication of the trailer is that, much like his first appearance, the Toyman’s farewell will be a surprisingly creepy Supergirl episode. Winn and Mary might be leading the tech side but Kara will have all hands on deck to take into the field against the Toyman’s toys. Kara will be working alongside James Olsen and Mon-El, making this the first team-up between Kara and James in a long while – and not just because Supergirl went off the air to allow Legends of Tomorrow to finish out its third season.

Since erasing their romance at the start of Supergirl season 2, there have been very few interactions between Kara and James Olsen. Even after James took on the identity of Guardian, the pair were mostly separated. “Schott Through the Heart” will clearly put a big focus on Winn, but it could also be the firs step in incorporating another side character like James back into the fold.

At the very least, the trailer suggests something about Toyman’s threat level, since everyone needs to participate. Supergirl might be returning with a one-off episode, but it looks to be an explosive one (pun very much intended).

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Supergirl season 3 returns Monday, April 16 with “Schott Through the Heart” at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

Source: The CW

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