Venom Will Include Scenes in Asia

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Sony’s upcoming Venom movie will feature scenes set in Asia, a new casting call has revealed. Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer is directing this Marvel Comics adaptation for Sony, with Tom Hardy in the title role as Venom (aka Eddie Brock, a photographer that bonds with an alien symbiote). Fans recently learned that Hardy’s performance in the movie is set to include motion capture work.

Hardy – who has the support of Venom’s comic book creator, Todd McFarlane – could well be facing off against other symbiote characters in the Venom film, according to a recent rumor. Whoever it is that Hardy ends up fighting in the film, the first entry in Sony’s Marvel Universe, Venom‘s action quotient is expected to be epic: the stunt coordinators of John Wick, Captain America: Civil War, Logan and Baby Driver boarded the project a few months ago.

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Production on Venom is now officially underway, and it looks like there will be scenes set (not filmed) in Asia in the movie. IGN and Omega Underground writer Christopher M broke the news on Twitter, noting that a casting call has gone out for “villagers without modern haircuts”:

The implications of this news are wide-ranging. With his Tweet, Christopher M posted a GIF from Stanley Kubrick’s legendary Vietnam War movie, Full Metal Jacket, raising one possibility: perhaps Sony is seeking locals with old-fashioned haircuts for a scene set in a different time period. Maybe fans will get to see the Venom symbiote wreaking havoc in Vietnam, before it winds up in New York City with Eddie Brock.

Continuing that line of speculation, perhaps this version of Brock is a war photographer, in a similar fashion to Jimmy Olsen’s fleeting warzone-set appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The Venom movie is shrouded in secrecy at the moment, so it’s impossible to disprove the suggestion that this version of Brock will pick up the symbiote while visiting a foreign country. He will need to find the symbiote somewhere, after all, considering that Spider-Man will not appear in the film to hand it over to him.

However, although it is fun to speculate, it really is impossible to know anything about Venom for sure at this stage. Until some official information is released, fans of this slathering and sinister comic book character only have guesswork to go on regarding his next big screen outing. Hopefully, whichever rumors end up becoming facts, the end product will be more enjoyable than the underwhelming Venom story from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. 

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