A Star Wars Story Trailer Rumored For January 12

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The long-awaited first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story is rumored to debut on Good Morning America this Friday, January 12. Lucasfilm had been holding off unveiling any marketing materials for their second spinoff film while The Last Jedi entered theaters, but now that Episode VIII is a $1 billion blockbuster, the time has come to shift gears. As of this writing, there are a little more than four months before Solo premieres, with only leaked LEGO sets giving fans a look at what the film could have in store. Needless to say, people are starting to get impatient.

With Last Jedi now in the rearview mirror, it does look like a big Solo push is about to start. It was only a couple of weeks ago when reports suggested the preview was coming soon and a possible description of it leaked online. If the latest word is to be believed, viewers only have to wait a few more days before getting a taste of Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo.

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Twitter account Star Wars Legacy posted a new rumor, stating the Solo trailer will air on Friday’s episode of Good Morning America. This lines up with Lucasfilm’s promotional strategy in the past; the first teaser for Rogue One also premiered on GMA back in 2016. Since Disney is using the college football national championship game as a platform for Black Panther (and there are no other major sporting events on the horizon), GMA is the perfect outlet for the company’s trademark synergy.


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Source: Star Wars Legacy

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