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Single Parents 1x3

A Leash Is Not A Guinea Pig

Single Parents Episode 3 Watch Online

Single Parents Episode 3 Summary:

After seeing the way Douglas and the twins are barely affected by the death of their guinea pig, Pickle, Poppy encourages Douglas to stop repressing his and the twins’ feelings. After seeing how close Graham and Will are becoming, Angie gets jealous when Graham asks Will to go get a colonoscopy to check on his health, so Angie decides to get one herself.

Single Parents Season 1 Summary:

Will, a 30-something guy, has been so focused on raising his daughter that he’s lost sight of who he is as a man. When the other single parents see just how far down the rabbit hole of PTA, parenting and princesses Will has gone, they band together to get him out in the dating world and make him realize that being a great parent doesn’t mean sacrificing everything about your own identity.

Single Parents tv Summary:

A group of single parents lean on each other to help raise their 7-year-old kids and maintain some kind of personal lives outside of parenthood.

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Single Parents Episode 3 Watch Online
Single Parents Episode 3 Watch Online
Oct. 10, 2018

Single Parents season 1

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