Jeremy Renner Wishes Avengers 4 Cast & Crew Merry Christmas

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Jeremy Renner has wished the cast and crew of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 a merry Christmas in a cheery and thankful Instagram video.

Infinity War is due for an early May 2018 theatrical release, and its followup (known for now as simply Avengers 4) is still shooting. However, before the cast and crew took a break for the holidays, Renner – who plays fan-favorite Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – sent a message not only to his colleagues, but also to fans.

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In the video (which you can watch below), Renner says, “I wish the entire cast and crew that worked so hard all year long, merry Christmas. And the rest of you, merry Christmas, too.” He recorded the video while on his way to the last shot of the year, and his excitement (whether to go to work or to get a vacation) is palpable; he wraps up the message with, “Woohoo, baby!”

Renner has had a relatively quiet 2017, in terms of movies released. He was in the murder mystery Wind River, as well as The House, a casino comedy. However, he has several films in the pipeline for 2018, including Infinity WarTag (a comedy), and Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad, an animated comedy-drama. As for his future plans – earlier this month, Renner said that he would be interested in a solo Hawkeye movie, so long as it didn’t come too far in the future. “It would be a wonderful thing,” he said. “Just don’t wait too long! I don’t want to be in my 50s in tights.”

Regardless of Hawkeye’s solo potential, Infinity War has generated significant buzz in the lead-up to its release. The reveal of a trailer in late November got fans even more excited, as it gave a closer a look at Thanos (the film’s villain, played by Josh Brolin), the movie’s wide-ranging cast, and the stakes of the conflict. The trailer led Infinity War to dominate social media following its release, outpacing even Star Wars: The Last Jedi in terms of social media conversations.

The release of Infinity War will clearly be a massive event for comic book fans – and even for movie fans more broadly, given how mainstream comic book films have become. So, it’s heartening to see Renner take the time to shoot and upload a grateful video message. Hopefully, when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters in the new year, Renner will have even more to be thankful for – and fans will, too.

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