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Why are they here? Nov. 10, 2016 USA 113 Min. PG-13
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Amy Adams isDr. Louise Banks
Dr. Louise Banks
Jeremy Renner isIan Donnelly
Ian Donnelly
Forest Whitaker isColonel Weber
Colonel Weber
Michael Stuhlbarg isAgent Halpern
Agent Halpern
Tzi Ma isGeneral Shang
General Shang
Julia Scarlett Dan isHannah (12 yrs. old)
Hannah (12 yrs. old)
Abigail Pniowsky isHannah (8 yrs. old)
Hannah (8 yrs. old)
Jadyn Malone isHannah (6 yrs. old)
Hannah (6 yrs. old)
Carmela Nozza Guizzo isHannah (4 yrs. old)
Hannah (4 yrs. old)


Arrival Full Movie

Arrival Taking place after alien crafts land around the world, an expert linguist is recruited by the military to determine whether they come in peace or are a threat.An introductory sequence shows linguist Louise Banks’s daughter Hannah, who dies in early adulthood from an incurable illness.Twelve extraterrestrial spacecraft appear at twelve locations across Earth. A U.S. Army officer, Colonel Weber, recruits Louise and physicist Ian Donnelly to find out why they have come. He takes them to an army encampment in Montana near one of the craft. On board, Louise and Ian make contact with two seven-limbed aliens, whom they call “heptapods”; Ian nicknames them Abbott and Costello. Louise and Ian begin researching their written language of complicated circular symbols. As Louise studies the language, she starts to have visions of her daughter Hannah.When Louise is able to ask why the aliens have come, they answer “offer weapon”.

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However, China translates this as “use weapon”, prompting them to break off communications, and other nations follow. Louise argues that the symbol interpreted as “weapon” might mean “tool”, and that China’s translation results from the competitive nature of their interaction with the aliens.Rogue soldiers plant a bomb in the craft. Unaware, Louise and Ian re-enter, and the aliens give them an extremely complex message. Just before the bomb explodes, one of the aliens ejects Ian and Louise from the craft, knocking them unconscious. When they reawaken, the military is preparing to evacuate, and the craft has moved out of reach. Ian discovers that the symbol for time is present throughout the message, and that the writing occupies exactly one-twelfth of the space in which it is projected. Louise suggests that the full message is split among the twelve craft and that the aliens want all the nations to share what they learn.

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Original title Arrival
IMDb Rating 8.0 401,184 votes
TMDb Rating 7.2 5998 votes

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