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Blade Runner

Blade Runner

Man has made his match... now it's his problem. Jun. 25, 1982 117 Min.
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Ridley Scott


Harrison Ford isRick Deckard
Rick Deckard
Rutger Hauer isRoy Batty
Roy Batty
Sean Young isRachael
William Sanderson isJ.F. Sebastian
J.F. Sebastian
Brion James isLeon Kowalski
Leon Kowalski
Joe Turkel isEldon Tyrell
Eldon Tyrell


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Movie Plot

In Blade Runner, In 2019 Los Angeles, former police officer Rick Deckard is detained by officer Gaff and brought to his former supervisor,known as Bryant. Deckard, whose job as a “blade runner” was to track down bio engineered beings known as replicants and “retire” (kill) them, is informed that four are on Earth illegally. Deckard starts to leave, but Bryant ambiguously threatens him and he stays. The two watch a video of a blade runner named Holden administering the “Voigt-Kampff” test, which is designed to distinguish replicants from humans based on their emotional response to questions. The test subject, Leon, shoots Holden on the second question. Bryant wants Deckard to retire Leon and the other three Tyrell Corporation Nexus-6 replicants: Roy Batty, Zhora, and Pris.

Bryant has Deckard meet with Eldon Tyrell so he can administer the test on a Nexus-6 to see if it works. Tyrell expresses his interest in seeing the test fail first, and asks him to administer it on his assistant Rachael. After a much longer than normal test, Deckard concludes Rachael is a replicant who believes she is human. Tyrell explains she is an experiment who has been given false memories to provide an emotional “cushion”.

Searching Leon’s hotel room, Deckard finds photos and a synthetic snake scale. Roy and Leon investigate a replicant eye-manufacturing laboratory and learn of J. F. Sebastian, a gifted genetic designer who works closely with Tyrell. Deckard returns to his apartment where Rachael is waiting. She tries to prove her humanity by showing him a family photo, but after Deckard reveals that her memories are implants from Tyrell’s niece, she leaves his apartment in tears. Meanwhile, Pris locates Sebastian and manipulates him to gain his trust.

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Original title Blade Runner
TMDb Rating 7.9 5087 votes

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