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The Vault

The Vault

No one is safe. Sep. 01, 2017 USA 91 Min.
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Dan Bush



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Movie Plot :

in The Vault, The opening credits show a montage of newspaper articles, detailing a bank robbery that ended with several hostages being killed, while the song ‘Crimson and Clover’ plays.

In a bank, Detective Tom Iger is making a deposit and flirting with the head teller, Susan. Police sirens can be heard outside going past, and Detective Iger tells Susan that there is a fire nearby. Meanwhile, the bank manager is interviewing Leah Dillon, who pretends to be interested in a teller position. The bank manager tells Leah that they have difficulty employing bank tellers, and when Leah asks why, the bank manager explains that the staff believe the bank is haunted. Vee Dillon, Leah’s sister, enters the bank and starts to make a scene with a bank teller, Mary, complaining that her checks have bounced. Detective Iger, having left the bank, walks past three firemen oblivious of the fact that they are actually the bank robbers. The three firemen enter the bank and together with Leah and Vee take everyone hostage, putting numbered sacks over their heads. One of the bank managers tries to escape and is accidentally shot in the knee. The Police Officer inside the bank tries to call for help on his Police radio. Detective Iger hears the call, and decides to check it out. While walking back to check on the bank he hears another, anonymous call on his radio about the robbery.

Getting into the main vault but finding only around $70,000, the robbers start to argue among themselves about what to do next. Leah attempts to get everyone to leave but Vee stops her. The assistant manager (James Franco) says he will tell them where $6 million is stored, as long as they don’t hurt anyone. He tells them the money is in the basement vault which is a part of the old bank and hands them the key to the access door. Vee takes the key and heads to the basement with Kramer.

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The Vault
Original title The Vault
IMDb Rating 4.7 2,843 votes
TMDb Rating 4.8 46 votes

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