New Dragon Ball Movie Explores Origin of Saiyans

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Toei Animation has announced a new Dragon Ball movie which will explore the origin of the Saiyan race. The untitled movie will be the 20th film in the Dragon Ball series. The last movie installment in the franchise was Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, which released in 2015.

Created by Akira Toriyama, the popular Dragon Ball anime has spawned a number of films since 1986’s Curse of the Blood Rubies. Four films were released under the Dragon Ball branding, before the launch of the second series, Dragon Ball Z. Toei Animation produced Dragon Ball films for theatrical release until 1996, with The Path to Power. 17 years later, the company released Battle of the Gods, followed by Resurrection F. The stories for both films later became the basis of the first two seasons of Dragon Ball Super.

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At the annual anime festival Jump Festa in Japan, Toei Animation announced their plans for their 20th Dragon Ball film, which is expected to be released in December of next year. Toriyama will oversee the screenplay and character designs for the movie. Though no title has been set, the film will dive into the history of the Saiyan race while also exploring the mystery of Goku’s profound strength. The new movie will focus on “the origin of the Saiyans’ strength and what it means to be a Saiyan.

Beerus Goku and Vegeta Dragon Ball Super New Dragon Ball Movie Explores Origin of Saiyans

Goku has recently reached powerful new forms, such as Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue, which debuted in Battle of the Gods and Resurrection F respectively. In the new movie, it will be revealed that Goku is not the first Saiyan to attain these levels of power. The main character of the film, Yamoshi, will be the first Super Saiyan God. Along with Yamoshi, the film was also introduce several new Saiyan characters.

This isn’t the first time Dragon Ball has gone back into the past to examine the mythology behind the show. In 1990, Bardock: The Father of Goku gave fans an in-depth look at the backstory of Goku that was established during the Frieza Saga. Viewers got to see Bardock facing off with Frieza, as well as the destruction of the Saiyan homeworld, Planet Vegeta.

Since Goku first transformed into the Super Saiyan God, fans have had plenty of questions about the origin of this power. Fans have also speculated that there could be other levels beyond Super Saiyan Blue. The new film could be a perfect opportunity for the creators to answer these questions and introduce even more aspects of Saiyan mythology.

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The untitled Dragon Ball film arrives in December 2018.

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