Patty Jenkins Honored By Wonder Woman Oscar Buzz

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“I know that superhero movies have had a very hard time. I know that women directors have had a very hard time being acknowledged. I know that superhero lead actors don’t get acknowledged. It is what it is . . . So to have my peers acknowledge [Wonder Woman] in this way and celebrate it in this way is a huge honor.”

Shall Wonder Woman fail to formally enter the Oscar race, the movie has already been celebrated by other award-giving bodies. It was nominated by the Producers Guild of America for Best Film of 2017, and was included in the American Film Institute’s Top Ten Films of the Year. Gadot and Jenkins have been recognized for their efforts on the film in other ways too, despite the lack of Golden Globe nominations for Wonder Woman last month.

While Wonder Woman may not be as innovative from a storytelling perspective as other awards contenders, its greatest strength lies in its simplicity, executed flawlessly. The movie is very straightforward and even mimics the usual superhero origins format that we have all seen before, but it does so brilliantly, bar its underwhelming villain. Jenkins further deserves to be celebrated for presenting Diana as a strong, yet complicated woman capable of compassion – something a lot of other movies still fail to do, with their own female protagonists. Wonder Woman‘s timing couldn’t be better either, given the growing calls for gender equality across the globe right now. The superhero film may be a period piece, but it’s quite topical and relevant in that respect.

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