Stranger Things 2 Gets a LEGO Recreation

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Season 2 of Netflix’s Stranger Things now has a LEGO supercut, courtesy of Bookshelf Productions. The video depicts scenes from the show in chronological order, combining stop-motion photography, LEGO figures, and set pieces, and audio from the show.

Bookshelf Productions released a similar video in November 2016, commemorating the show’s first season. But with the nine new episodes that constituted Stranger Things 2 came a slew of fan-favorite scenes — many of which have been faithfully recreated in LEGO form.


Bookshelf Productions‘ video functions as a kind of greatest hits of Stranger Things 2, featuring moments ranging from the party’s Ghostbusters costumes to Steve and Dustin’s conversation about hair care products to the Snow Ball with which the season ended. The supercut makes use of the show’s dialogue and audio to charming effect — as is the case with Steve’s “It’s finger-lickin’ good” line during his dinner with Barbara’s parents. It’s a fun reimagining of a fun show, and it ends on a happy note, closing out with the Snow Ball rather than with the shot of the Mind Flayer that wraps up season 2.

Stranger Things Dustin and Steve Stranger Things 2 Gets a LEGO Supercut

The LEGO treatment has become increasingly common (though not yet omnipresent); in late November, a Deadpool 2 trailer received its own LEGO rendition. And as LEGO becomes a greater presence in the film industry with movies like The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie, videos like these are likely to become even more common.

Stranger Things‘ latest LEGO supercut comes at a time of significant critical buzz for the show. It’s nominated for two Golden Globes — one for David Harbour (police chief Jim Hopper), and another for best TV drama — and four SAG awards, which tied the show for the most nominations on the TV side of things (along with Big Little Lies and GLOW). At the 2017 SAG awards, Harbour gave a rousing, politically minded speech when Stranger Things won the award for outstanding ensemble performance in a TV drama. And this awards season, the stakes are especially high — given that Joe Keery (who plays Steve on the show) said that he would shave his head if Harbour won a Golden Globe.

Keery’s offer is one that fans would probably forgive him for not following through on, as Steve’s hair is one of the centerpieces of Stranger Things. But his playful interaction with Harbour is representative of the show more broadly: It’s genuinely joyous to watch. The cast meshes, the pop culture references are satisfying, and the story is strong (for the most part). With Stranger Things 3 confirmed (but probably not going to arrive before 2019, according to Harbour), the show’s possibilities are myriad. For now, fans can enjoy the LEGO supercut to tide them over.


Stranger Things season 3 does not yet have a release date.

Source: Bookshelf Productions

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