The Room’s Tommy Wiseau Wants Marvel or DC Role

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The Room star and filmmaker Tommy Wiseau is using his newfound Disaster Artist fame to make a super big request of Marvel Studios and DC Films. There’s no better way of putting it, other than Wiseau is an enigma. No one is exactly sure where he’s from or where he got his money, but in 2004 he reportedly put about $6 million of his own money into writing, directing and starring in what’s been dubbed the “Citizen Kane of Bad Movies” with his baffling odyssey The Room, which immediately qualified for a “so bad it’s good” designation.

While The Room – which made a pitiful $1,800 in its two week run on one screen in Los Angeles in 2003 – became a midnight movie cult classic worldwide in the years since its release, Wiseau undoubtedly has enjoyed his biggest notoriety yet with the release of The Disaster Artist. Directed by and starring James Franco, the 127 Hours Best Actor Oscar nominee literally transforms himself into Wiseau as he chronicles the making of The Room, and appropriately tips his hat to the real actor-filmmaker at the conclusion of the film. Wiseau reportedly shows up in a cameo, too, but his micro role has been tough to spot by most moviegoers.

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With The Disaster Artist picking up steam as it rolls out into more theaters after debuting in the art house circuit and Franco grabbing Best Actor nominations for the likes of the Screen Actors Guild, the Critics Choice Movie Awards and the Golden Globes, Wiseau seems to be seizing every opportunity to get noticed by the upper echelon of movie producers in Hollywood.

In a new tweet by the ultimate film star wannabe, he’s even suggesting that he’s up to join the ranks of Marvel Studios and DC Films for a role. Wiseau made his ideas known while answering a fan’s question about his preference between Marvel and DC. Wiseau didn’t pick one or the other, but instead parlayed his answer into what appears an announcement that he’s at the ready. He simply replied, “Whichever one hires me first!” See Wiseau’s tweet below:

While the odds of either Marvel’s Kevin Feige or DC’s Geoff Johns actually considering to cast Wiseau are virtually non-existent, you can’t knock the real-life disaster artist for putting the idea out there. With the building momentum of Franco’s film, Wiseau is riding the wave of fame he’s no doubt craved his entire professional life. The wonderful thing is, Wiseau’s unfathomable ride isn’t going to be over anytime soon. In fact, Fathom Events is going to release The Room in 600 theaters for a one day event on January 10.

Better yet, you have to believe Franco will find a way to get Wiseau into the Oscars on March 4, which given all of the acclaim for Franco’s performance so far, seems to be a foregone conclusion. But instead of Wiseau repeating his famous line, “Oh, hi Mark” while on the red carpet, several A-listers in Hollywood will instead be saying, “Oh, hi Tommy!” 

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