You Can Now Get A Life-Size Kylo Ren Bust

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Any Star Wars viewers out there who have become big fans of Kylo Ren now have a life-size bust to turn to. The Force user has a big part to play in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, casting a large shadow over the plot of the recently-released sequel. With The Last Jedi already passing $500 million, there are likely to be a fair few new fans of the character among those making the movie a financial success.

Indeed, many of the remaining overarching questions revolve around Kylo Ren and what his role will be in the final part of this new trilogy. In particular, Star Wars fans have been left with questions about how Kylo Ren can be redeemed, and whether he can once again return to the way of the Jedi.

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While fans ponder those questions, Sideshow is making a life-size bust of Kylo Ren that is bound to at least act as a decent distraction while that wait is on for the conclusion of the new Star Wars trilogy. The bust itself comes in at 29 inches, and showcases Kylo Ren’s weathered helmet. It doesn’t come in cheap, though, with the limited edition bust clocking in at $1500.

Kylo Ren Life Size Bust You Can Now Get A Life Size Kylo Ren Bust

However, for the Star Wars fan with cash to spend this may well be an enticing prospect. The bust is formed from fiberglass and resin, but also comes complete with tailored fabric to form the character’s hood and cloak. This hood can then be worn up or down at the owner’s discretion, so there’s flexibility about just how casual they want their Kylo Ren to look after a hard day being aligned with the dark side of the Force.

At the moment, the life-size bust is up for pre-order, with an estimated arrival of May through to July 2018 as the busts go into production. Although this is something of a wait, at least it gives Star Wars fans space within their personal collection to find a space for this sizeable bust of the young Sith.

While Star Wars fans think on whether to take the plunge on the Kylo Ren bust, of course, there are always more Star Wars: The Last Jedi-related questions to try and answer. Sure, we might have a nice powerful dark Force user, but where the hell is Lando Calrissian? If the bust can answer that, those pre-orders will be flying in no time.

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Source: Sideshow

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